Below are a list of resources for you to check out when getting started with video creation. I find them pretty helpful and do check on them regularly. Give them a look and keep on searching online for answers to your filmmaking questions. Stay curious.

Vimeo: Video School

Vimeo is already a great platform to host your videos to share amongst a creative video community. Vimeo also provides a channel based on video tutorials that help you learn the basics of filmmaking as well as a few more advanced techniques when your ready. What I like most about the Vimeo video school is how they break up tutorials into categories that make it easy to follow along. There’s even a section on business tips when it comes to creating video.

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Currently Skillshare would be my favourite resource. There is a montly fee, but I’ve found value in using it everyday to watch tutorials that are broken up into categories and pay attention to quality. You’ll learn about video creation from all skill levels as well as many other creative categories. Instead of paying a montly fee on a subscription to watch TV shows and movies, I would recommend putting that money towards a website where you can watch a tutorial every day to try out. Once you’re ready you can even create your own class on the platform.

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No Film School

No Film School is a website with a variety of contributions from the filmmaking community. It provides all sorts of guides on filmmaking and equipment. The site also keeps you up to date with news regarding new equipment and a forum to discuss filmmaking topics with other creators.

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Every Frame A Painting

A YouTube series by Tony Zhou. Every video is an essay which breaks down an aspect of filmmaking and it’s importance. It’s one of the most interesting video playlist’s I’ve seen online and always opens my mind up to the possibilities of filmmaking. Sometimes I will go back to watch specific video essays to get inspired for my next shoot. Check it out and get inspired.

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The Creator Class: Sessions

The Creator Class is a creative community inititave brought together in collaboration with Canon. This specific YouTube playlist that they have created gives you a look at a variety of filmmaking basics in small videos. They’re quick to watch, will get you inspired, and teach you a few tips. Make sure to watch these when beginning your path as a filmmaker.

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A blog resource focused on filmmaking tips. The group will tell you about basics such as lighting, audio, equipment, and other aspects, but the most important aspect they focus on is storytelling. Stillmotion is a great blog to read when you want to dig into the importance of storytelling.

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Video Co-Pilot

Once you learn about the basics of filmmaking you can get into learning about aspects such as visual effects if interested. Video Co-Pilot is a site that will teach you about programs like After Effects. The site has a variety of tutorials based on visual effects and how to implement them into your footage. It can get pretty advanced but try some tutorials out and you can acheive some really interesting visuals that you can’t get straight out of your camera.

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If you’re interested in learning about After Effects but are more focused on animation type videos, Mt.Mograph is a great resource. It will walk you through a lot of the basics of animations such as creating type titles, explainer videos, glitchy effects, and much more. It’s a resource that can give you a lot of ideas as well to add another dimension of storytelling to your videos.

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